Shambhala Ranch is an Inn with a specialty in serving smaller groups, for a retreat experience in a rural setting. The ranch has vegetable farming, ornamental gardens, fruit tree orchards, farm animals and timber. It is not affiliated with any particular religion or philosophy and is nonsectarian. It is oriented for a nature experience. It is our hope for all to respect and enjoy the natural environment.

The name “Shambhala,” chosen by the previous owners, comes from a legendary Himalayan kingdom in Tibet where there was a harmonious society. The owners, Stuart & Tara Marcus, purchased the land in 1993 and immediately began remodeling and improving the facility. Tara is from London and Stuart is from New York City. The remodeling has been completed. They found that it was convenient for all, to focus on groups because of the rural setting away from town, although it can also serve visitors. They take particular pride in trying to function in harmony with the natural environment. Many native plants have been used for landscaping and natural materials have been used for buildings. Conservation and maintenance of an ecologically sound environment that is clean and organized are values that have been maintained.

They care about preserving the pristine quality of the land and the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood. They feel that this is a special place in a wonderful County. The history of Shambhala Ranch includes the Pomo Native Americans.

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